VLCC Study finds link between Obesity and Osteoporosis

- VLCC, a leading Wellness brand in South Asia and the Middle East, has been committed to spreading awareness about obesity and its ill effects. On the eve of Anti-Obesity Day (26th November), an initiative that the organization launched 12 years ago, VLCC released a knowledge paper that shares the growing prevalence as well as seriousness of osteoporosis as a health condition and ascertains a linkage between Obesity and Osteoporosis. This is another step in VLCC’s on-going efforts to ensure a better quality of life for everyone and highlight the problems arising from obesity, a dominant lifestyle disease prevailing today.

Shabana Azmi and Mrs Vandana Luthra, Founder Mentor VLCC releasing the knowledge paper on 'The Obesity-Osteoporosis...

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), osteoporosis is second only to cardiovascular disease, as a global healthcare problem. About 300 million people in India suffer from osteoporosis and it is speculated that in the next decade as much as 50% of the Indian population will be victim to this condition. Osteoporosis is also three times as common in Indian males as compared to their counterparts anywhere else in the world. The VLCC Study on Obesity & Osteoporosis highlights the growing dangers of Osteoporosis and its direct linkage to Obesity. The study was commissioned under the watchful eyes of Dr Veena Aggarwal, Head of R&D, VLCC Health Care Ltd

Lifestyle factors that affect Bone Health

? Deficiency of Calcium & Vitamin D

? Unscientific weight loss, including crash diets

? Lack of fruits and vegetables in the diet

? Excess consumption of much protein, sodium and caffeine

? Smoking and alchohol are “calcium stealers”

Ingredients for Building Bone Strength

? Balanced diet with nutrients, vitamins, minireals

? Calcium is one of the main bone forming minerals

? Magnesium promotes and regulates the parathyroid hormone, which stimulates calcium absorption in the bone

? Phosphorous builds bone strength

? Omega-3 fatty acid increases calcium level, increasing bone strength

? Adequate exercise keeps muscles toned and bones healthy

Speaking about VLCC’s Anti Obesity drive, Mrs. Vandana Luthra, Founder and Mentor VLCC said: “As pioneers in the Wellness domain in South Asia and Middle East it is incumbent upon us to take active interest in propagating awareness about the dangers of Obesity and related issues. It has been our endeavor, through constant research and study, to understand the underlying factors that cause Obesity, the effects Obesity can have on an individual’s health as well as to lay down recommendations for preventive healthcare. This study is another step in understanding the problems associated with obesity which is the root cause of even greater health risks like osteoporosis and provides our clients with effective preventive measures.”

The VLCC Knowledge Paper on Osteoporosis provides specific inputs on Dietary Management of Osteoporosis, guidance on therapeutic activity patterns and bone strengthening therapies. The paper touches upon topics that create adequate awareness about prevention of Osteoporosis like ‘Osteoporosis Statistics of India’, ‘Burden of Osteoporosis’, ‘Knowing the Silent disease – Osteoporosis’, ‘Strong bones: Pillars to our inner health and external being’, ‘Surfacing of Osteoporosis symptoms’ and the like.

Commenting on the VLCC Osteoporosis study and VLCC’s Anti-Obesity Drive, Dr. Veena Aggarwal, Head of R&D, VLCC Health Care Ltd., said “The study conducted brings out some startling findings that have been an eye opener to all. Obesity is a lifestyle disease that is rapidly catching up amongst urban audiences. The fact that Osteoporosis is linked to obesity and is increasingly found in youngsters too, has opened up a debate on how we take care of our health.”

Mrs. Vandana Luthra also unveiled the ‘Osteoporosis ribbon’ at the event along with Shabana Azmi. The lace ribbon in off -white colour is symbolic to the weakening of the bone caused due to osteoporosis. The emblematic lace would create greater awareness amongst audiences about the disease and help detect it at the earlier stage thus reducing the risk involved.

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