eGestalt Technologies and NetWitness Announce Reseller Agreement

eGestalt Technologies Inc, a leading provider of integrated IT-security and governance, risk and compliance solutions (IT-GRC) through its SecureGRCTM Solution, and NetWitness Corporation, the world leader in advanced persistent threat detection and real-time network forensics, announced today that eGestalt has become an authorized reseller of NetWitness products and services. This partnership will enable for the first time in India, an end-to-end integration of next generation network security monitoring with IT Governance, Risk and Compliance. Combining the eGestalt suite of solutions with NetWitness NextGen™, this breakthrough solution will help commercial and government enterprises drastically improve their cyber-security posture and compliance management needs at a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

“We are pleased to partner with eGestalt Technologies,” said Amit Yoran, CEO at NetWitness Corporation. “At a time when India is facing a heightened awareness of the cyber threat environment, we believe this partnership strengthens our ability to offer critical markets within India a potent cyber risk management solution. By combining eGestalt’s expertise in Integrated Security and Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT-GRC) solutions with NetWitness’ patented advanced threat management and real-time network forensics solutions, both government and commercial organizations within India will have better visibility into threats and risks from multiple sources.”

NetWitness NextGen™ is the world’s most advanced network monitoring solution, powered by full packet capture and real-time network forensics. NetWitness helps organizations solve multiple data-centric information security challenges, which include: advanced persistent threat detection, data leakage, insider threats, malware analysis, continuous controls verification, and network e-discovery.

Integration of next generation network monitoring and IT Governance, Risk and Compliance has been a big concern for large organizations. Although point solutions are available that enable security monitoring and IT-GRC solutions separately, there has been a significant demand for a solution that enables end-to-end integration of advanced network monitoring and IT-GRC so that customers have an unified view of both operational security posture and compliance management.

“We are very excited to partner with NetWitness Corporation,” said Chandrasekhar Bilugu, Chairman and CEO at eGestalt. “We believe this partnership enables us to deliver what our customers have been asking for, an integrated solution for security and IT-GRC through an integrated dashboard. By combining our solutions we are uniquely positioned to serve our customer needs by providing a single solution for serving all their security and IT-GRC needs. We are very excited to partner with NetWitness by integrating their world-class expertise in security monitoring products into our SecureGRCTM solution.”

eGestalt SecureGRCTM is a world-leading solution for enterprises, including small and medium businesses. SecureGRCTM includes all security and IT-GRC functions required to be compliant, with ready to use compliance frameworks, leading edge context based inference engines, and the most advanced alert processing and easy to use logging and monitoring solution. It is a complete end-to-end automation of all enterprise security, compliance, audit, and risk management needs. A number of innovative cost and ownership models are available, either a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model with on-premises deployment or a completely on-demand cloud based service subscription offering, with up to 10x total cost of ownership reduction.

This solution is available immediately. For further details please call +1-408-905-7236 or +91- -80-25724606. Email contact is info@egestalt.com. For further details about the product please visit http://www.egestalt.com

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